Isnin, Mac 15, 2010

morning banana diet

for about a week i studied and make some research on morning banana diet and i`m willing to give a try on this new hot method of diet. morning banana diet, originated from japan was said that japan had once faced with banana shortage moment. wow.. luckily malaysia got plenty of bananas. and cheap some more.
btw i just started my morning banana diet for this week because i already bored with my typical breakfast which is egg. i bought some bananas yesterday for preparation of my 1st day of morning banana diet (which is to be today). and as i said, i meant it!

the rules for morning banana diet are :

rule number 1. eat raw banana in the morning, only raw banana, not cooked, fried or steamed banana (goreng pisang is out from the list) along with warm, room temperature plain water (no coffee, coke, tea etc etc.). eat it as many as you want but enough to make you full, not stuffed.

but of course i not planned to eat it all of it.. so i just picked one banana.

one is not enough i think.. so i decided to ate 2 bananas instead of 1. hehe..

rule number 2. eat lunch and dinner like normal but make sure no desert after dinner and eat dinner before 8pm or 4 hours before go to sleep.

rule number 3. sleep well. go to bed by midnight, preferable before 12am.

value-added rule. exercise daily and in consistent way such as 30minutes of brisk-walk is better than 10minutes of nap.

so what i am doing now is i`m practising the morning banana diet along with Atkins diet. in my understanding about morning banana diet, the banana itself can increase the body metabolism but it depends on different types of people. the banana can provides stable energy supply better then other fruits. it is also said to help burns body fat. interesting right?

ok enough about banana facts. so for my weight update for this week. i`m still stall at 95kg. only 1kg lost compared to last week`s weight. maybe i ate a lot recently and i also dont have much time to go for exercise since i`m too busy with final project.. hope this morning banana diet can be help me to burns more fat and reduce my overweight problem.

more about morning banana diet, ask google or morning banana diet

3 pemisangan(s):

Mia-Ina berkata...

hehe..makan pisang ke? ms mia buat detox dulu, mia cuba mkn sikit2 je pisang...takut tambah berat....

ahmad berkata...

makin hebat eh bang man..wiwit!!

Fina Fento berkata...

tp ada pulak petua mengatakan dengan menghidu pisang tiap2 pagi [bukan makan] boleh membantu menurunkan berat badan..

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