Sabtu, Februari 20, 2010

BBQ Vs Pulut Durian

Another "human-feeding" activity.. totally lost my diet tonight. sigh..
But nevermind. i only just ate sardines for all day. And the beast turns out when the night comes.. Pulut + durian(s) mixed with coconut gravy and sugar(just small quantity, Yummy!), BBQ chicken, sausages(4-5 pcs, i dont really remember..), fried meehun(2 bowls), a piece of layer cake and several cups of soft drinks.. God i really hate this moment! When it comes to party or eating ceremony or any other event that relates with food, totally it turns me into an unresistable man.. Aduyai..
What i can say is, i really enjoyed the party rather than enjoying the food(s).. Guys and girls, u r really make my night. Thanks all.

I`m a man in orange shirt. At this point i lose 11kgs and still ongoing..

2 pemisangan(s):

Ida chubby berkata...

11kg???banyak tuuu...tahniah!

citer sket menu atkins kamu bley?

harun berkata...

boleh2.. tapi menu saya tipikal sahaja. boleh kata almost everyday makan benda yg sama, rutin yang sama(eksesais memang wajib) dan penurunan yang sama.

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