Isnin, Februari 22, 2010

Twitter Updates

I`ve already using Twitter since last year but i never really  make use of it since i start blogging with this blog. I found that the way i can spread all my activities / tasks / notes / BMI updates can be done efficiently using Twitter.
The main reason i have to use twitter as one of the way to update the daily activities instead of blog post is i can post any updates on the spot and its very quick. Furthermore i have very slow-mo internet connection starting from today(everybody are going back to college since yesterday). Those who are the downloaders and heavy surfers that i believe already take up the bandwidth which is very narrow(not broadband anyway) because of the downloads / streaming activities. If i want to dominate all the bandwidth usage, i can. But its against my life policy(i dont cheat on free service unless i owned it). So be it..
Ok back to topic. By using Twitter, i can post any updates just using SMS. Yeah its true. Only 1sen/SMS(since i am a user of Hotlink Youthclub) i can post anything right to my Twitter`s account through gladlyCast. It is simple. You just logged in to your Twitter account and associate your account with gladlyCast `s phone number. Then, you can start to post whatever in your mind direct to your Twitter page.
So from today, you can read about my activities through Twitter Updates section located at the right side of this blog(above the chatting box). Please bear in mind that i can`t post like what i did last week.

Don`t forget to read my twitter updates tomorrow as i`ll announce new BMI readings. LOL.

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