Rabu, Mac 10, 2010

manure VS milan

who`s gonna win tonight`s game? based on statistics that we all know, manure got away goals advantage on rossoneri. and they play at old trafford somemore. sure it is a hard task for milan`s players. but hope tonight will be not same as last night where arsenal slashed porto with 5 goals!!
i do hope milan will make further in this year`s UCL since roma has to work hard to make 3rd place in serie a and also in  europa league. forza rossoneri!
so don`t forget tonight`s match ; 0345 local time.

and the result is manure 4 - 0 milan, with agreggate of 7 - 2...
wow the english club seems to be the best nowadays. yesterday arsenal with 5-0 and now manure with 4-0.. btw congrats to milan player eventhough they lost to manure with big margin..
hope inter will go further in the competition as it is the only italian club that still have chance to go in UCL. at least semi-final..

teruk giler aku kena bambu tadi sebab pakai baju milan punya pasal.. aduyai

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