Rabu, Mac 10, 2010

New Look part 2

another new blog template coming in. Originally in yellow and black colour. too contrast until my eyes felt itchy when i read the posts. So i modified it and turns the words into white in colour. meanwhile..  i bought a pair of 'Admiral' futsal shoes to replace my old 'All America' yesterday evening. got a hole on its sole.. omg, for 3days i dont play futsal since the sole was totalled(and my sock also)..

For bloggers out there who isnt sleep yet, come2 read my journey to be a slim, not fat guy while clicking my ads since nuffnang shows radio station adverts now. i got it twice! plz klik seikhlas hati. hehe..

Thanks guys. and please comments my new blog look also.

second edit which i prefer white background and black words. easy to read right?

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