Isnin, Mac 01, 2010

Reaching 30

Finally.. after 2months of efforts.. i am reaching to my first phase goal of diet. Just weighted my body mass this morning and it lose another 1.5kg and that makes my body mass index (BMI) decrease to 30.93. But yet  i still have to lose another 0.93BMI to keep my diet program consistent.
FYI, 0.93BMI equals to 2kg which is very hard to lose it for a week. But i manage to do that and  so far my weight loss are consistent every week ; 2kg/week. But of course its not about controlling my daily food intake. Its about my lifestyle. Seriously i`ve totally change my whole lifestyle since i practise this Atkins diet. 
Roughly i do this daily and i consider it as a 'crucial task' which in most of the time i almost escaped it! But luckily i still have courage to do the best during my weight loss program. 
Morning : Free hand exercise & Dumbell (15mins)
Evening : 2km of jogging OR 2hours of gymnasium (gym only on Monday and Wednesday since it is free!) and  40minutes of street soccer.
Night : Dumbell (10mins)
Since i start my diet program last year, until today i am already lost 17kg which i never been expected when the first day i started. Thank you Allah for giving me this wonderful life. Now i can wear XL t-shirt, wear <40 Levis jeans and i am look better than before. Hope i can reach my first phase goal by next week. InsyaAllah..

Mr Bam`s TBL contest ended yesterday. I already submitted my score. Hope i can win the prize. Wish me luck!! BTW feel free to visit http://dieton.com

Just received new items. My mom posted it. She wants me to have a try on the Teh Orang Kampung which is consider as a slimming tea. The other one is Lotion Mustajab which i used it everyday. It helps to get rid of stretch marks and exessive skins.

2 pemisangan(s):

Ida chubby berkata...

tahniah...ada chance mau menang ni 8kg turun!

nak bagi pendapat sket tentang 2 produk tu :

teh herba orang kampung - ada kengkawan yg minum, mmg leh turun berat tapi perut sll sakit dan nak tercirit yang x leh tahan2 nanti hehehe

losyen - aku penah pakai jugak, kalo yg hijau ni masa sapu rasa sejuk, pastu panas sket je...orang kata kalo nak yg panas betul warna merah...ntah yg tu x penah try

harun berkata...

terima kasih atas pujian anda. hehe.. bukan nak turun 8kg cun sebulan. everyday memang pegi eksesais.. alhamdulillah dah dapat pakai baju saiz XL sekarang.
a`ah dah terasa dah kesan teh orang kampung tu.. duk cirit dari semalam lagi. hehe.. yg losyen tu agak bagus sbb nak buat kesan2 yang memburukkan keadaan perut ja. kurang nampak la maknanya.

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