Ahad, April 04, 2010

clash of the titans

enjoy the pics. i`m not in the blogging mood currently. my FYP still bothering my mind. stress release activity..

Chelsea Chelsea! i guess my friend`s influence changed my mind a bit..

celebrated the clash of the titans between Chelsea and Manure by watching a movie. clash of the tit.. whose tit?? why i cant see it?? (pervert tone)

time killing machine. another activity that ruined my diet. arghh!! seriously i can`t resist it!

i also bought this tumbler. nice design eh! rm9.90 each.

(i`m not in the pics aight!)
last but not least.. clash of the titans end up with Chelsea 2 - 1 Manure. Chelsea now lead the epl again. congrats to my friends who has been a Chelsea die-hard fan and wait the moment for a long time. hope Ancelotti dont makes any mistakes in the future. yihaa!

4 pemisangan(s):

.::WaNiE::. berkata...

ku konfius

review bola ke COFT


.::WaNiE::. berkata...

ok jangan tanya apasal ada F pulak sepatutnya COTT

typo lak



fizah berkata...

baru hari tu nak tgk clash of the titan...tibe2 sampai kat kaunter ubah fikiran nak tengok how to train ur dragon..tak tengok yang 3D ke?

~~dieylah~~ berkata...

FYP olwez in our mind until the due date...huhu..movie ya best x man..hihi..

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