Khamis, Februari 18, 2010

Reward to One self

Starts from tonight i will write my blog in England language(English) and Bahasa Melayu in(berselang-seli aku pun taktau macam mana nak translate.. dah makin teruk penguasaan bahasa england aku skang nih). Actually i just want to test and improve my english fluency in both written and spoken method.

Yesterday i`ve spent 5 hours of window-shopping and driving to "not yet open" stores(most tauke are still in CNY* holiday mood) around Kuching area just to find and buy Inter Milan jersey(FYI next week`s UCL game between Inter and Chelsea). I`m not really fall into Inter Milan`s diehard fan as i more dominant to be an AS Roma fan. 

Finally i managed to go to the one and only "local-brand**" store, GreenShop located at Waterfront. I think every football & Levis jeans`s fans know this store. Unfortunately the store only sell EPL jerseys as well as WC jerseys. Then i decided to buy Brazil 09/10 jersey. Its very cheap!! I got both jersey and shorts at only RM28. That`s very cheap right? But there is something i didn`t really noticed until i went back to my room and try the jersey... Guess what? The jersey don`t have the Nike logo at the right side!!(Suppose it should be there.. but nevermind. I bought it at very cheap price).

Ok back on track. The purposes i bought the jersey are not only because i bought it at a cheap price and also it can fits me(even 3XL size of jersey makes it a bit tight at my stomach part in which resulting i am look like a fat version of Ronaldo), but the main reason why i bought this jersey is to maintain my motivation so that i can still dieting until the jersey will fit perfectly on my body.. Thats how i reward myself(i never done it before).

*CNY = Chinese New Year
**Malaysian usually refers the cheap-skate, not original, not authentic items as local brand..

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